Tell Me About Yourself" Best Answer for Fresher Students & Experienced People In English

In this article, we have comprehended the ten essential rules to prepare yourself to answer the fundamental interview question, “Tell Me About Yourself." These rules can be used as guidance to structure your answer to the question. It also sets perfect tell me about yourself examples for students.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

The most common question asked in job interviews is “Tell Me About Yourself.” The question reflects your personality and tells about you to the interviewer. It is an important question to be answered correctly and confidently to gain some points with the interviews. Still, many candidates are not prepared to answer the question or are terrified to answer it. The answer creates the first impression on the interviewer, and hence you must be prepared to tell me ‘about yourself answer’ in english. Let's check out the 10 rules to nail this question:


  1. Answer it like a story of your life.

    It is not advisable to answer this question like a mechanical robot. Frame your answer in the manner so that its pleasing for the interviewer. Give it a structure by including the following data about yourself.

    • Birth Place
    • Education
    • Internship Experience
    • Professional Work Experience (if you are not a fresher)
    • Future Career Aspirants
    • Closing
  2. Follow a Chronological order.

    You must follow a chronological order according to the events of your life. Make proper order of the events of your life in the tell me about your answer in english. It makes the response more understandable.

  3. Rule 3 Give it a personal touch.

    Making your answer humanly is necessary. Everybody wants to work with humans, not robots. So when you structure your answer for the question, add your views and experience about your biodata. For example, you can add as to why you chose for the field and how was your experience with your past employers and companies.

  4. Highlight life transitions

    While mentioning and explaining yourself in the interview, you need to explain your life transitions to the interview, which are relevant to your profession.

  5. Finish your answer in 90-120 seconds.

    It is pertinent that you make your answer concise and relatable. Many candidates mistakes by answering this question adequately. Do not give lengthy answers, as the interviewer will lose his interest in your interview.

  6. Mention about your skills and Specific Expertise

    “Tell me about yourself” answer also allows the candidate to highlight their skills and area of expertise in the corporate world. So when you prepare your answer, do mention your skillset and your expertise in the area.

  7. End your Answer with career aspiration.

    The end part of your answer should be tailored according to the interviewing company’s domain. If you are interviewing for an e-commerce company, mention your career aspiration with the eCommerce company so that your answer matches the description of the company job profile.

  8. Be relaxed and have a smile.

    Candidates must keep a smiling face and keep a relaxed posture. It creates a human touch with the interviewer creates an environment of mutual trust.

  9. Make the interviewer ask questions of your choice.

    While answering the question, mention your skillsets to your interviewer. You can also add past employing companies' names. This will drive the conversation in the way you want. You can give prepared answers accordingly.

  10. Practice, Practice, and Practice

    Many candidates do not practice the answer to tell me about your questions. However, you should practice the answer in front of the mirror to get a better grip over your body language.