Resume Writing Tips | Do This With Your Resume For IT Company And You Will Be Recruiter’s Favorite

Is your resume not getting shortlisted for interview? You have been applying for jobs for 2-3 months already but not getting any interview call? Many of us face these problems. We get stuck at the very first step, which can become quite frustrating. In this article you will find resume writing skills which will help you get closer to your dream job.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

For any job that you apply for the first step is to have you resume shortlisted for the interview. You need to make your resume for IT company in such a way that the recruiters can get a good insight on what you have to offer to their company. When we begin job search we tend to send resumes to a lot of companies. However still do not get an interview call even after applying for 2-3 months. Let’s start with identifying the root cause of the problem. So there are high chances that your resume format for IT company is not perfect. The second problem is you are using the same resume over and over again for different jobs and companies. You do not modify your resume for IT company according to requirements mentioned in the job description. If you apply for 10 different job posting with the same resume because it saves time leads to more wastage of time. More than 95% of applicants tend to make this mistake. So if we correct this mistake using few resume writing tips we can become the part of the top 5%.

For this we do not need to create a complete new resume every time instead just modify the old one according to the job description of the job position you are applying for.

Why To Create New Resume?

Why it is important to create different resume for every job position and company. This becomes important because when a company posts a job position, they need a candidate with specific skill set for that position, which they mention in the job description. So if your resume does not have those specific keywords, it will not get selected. All big companies receive hundreds of applications for a job position. To shortlist resume, companies use a software called ATS(Application Tracking System). What this software does is, it goes through all the resumes submitted and segregates the ones which have specific keywords mentioned in the resume. Now the hiring manager only looks through the resumes shortlisted by the ATS. That’s why it becomes important for the candidate to properly edit his/her resume according to the job opening and the company.

Now let me see the smartest trick to make your resume outstanding which hiring managers will shortlist and you will get an interview call. Let's take a look at this example, so this is a business analyst job available at Amazon and this job requires skills like business requirements, deliver solution, quality assurance, project management. This means if your resume is not talking about these skills there would be very less chances that you'll be called for the interview so you have to make sure that as soon as a recruiter looks at your resume, he'll find these skills right at the beginning and then you can carry on the same story throughout your resume. So let's check it out. 

So this job position says collect global business requirements and use cases and translate them into functional specifications. We have a similar point over here like first one conducted delivery session and client interviews to gather business requirements. Also created user stories and acceptance criteria. To make it more relevant for this position, you can reframe the sentence as:

  • created use cases and acceptance criteria to specify functional specifications to the development team 
  • created use cases acceptance criteria to specify functional specifications to the development team, 

Now we have the same words in the same language as it is mentioned in this job position. Similarly if there's a point like quality assurance which says participate as an accountable party during the test phase. That means this job position requires skills related to testing but we don't have any point related to testing in our resume.

So what you can do is replace one point with testing :

  • participated and end-to-end testing including system integration testing and user acceptance testing 

So by including this point you have ensured that whatever recruiter is looking for is there on your resume. So now whatever the job position is asking you need to have it right at the beginning of your resume. 

If you follow this trick, whenever you submit your resume, Recruiter or applicant tracking system software, both will shortlist your resume. ATS will scan your resume and it will find all the required keywords.