How To Search For Jobs On LinkedIn?

The article lays emphasis on the role of creating a LinkedIn profile when you are seeking a perfect job. Moreover, the article also tells in detail about how to search for jobs on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an imperative platform where you can get ample of job opportunities.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

The process of job search is an imperative one where you need to select the right option to get that dream job role. Well, among various options available, LinkedIn has emerged as a popular job market tool. However, LinkedIn has not been able to make a mark for itself in the Indian job market. Surprisingly, only 3 percent of Indians have made their profiles on LinkedIn. While the scene is simply the opposite in the United States. There, 44 percent people have their profiles on the job platform. In Canada, 38 percent of people use LinkedIn. Thus, it is important to know about how to use LinkedIn, how to search for jobs on LinkedIn, and what all are you missing on when you are not using LinkedIn.


Why Is LinkedIn Important?

You must have heard a lot about the importance of LinkedIn for job seekers, especially freshers. Let us read in detail about why is LinkedIn important when you are looking for a good job. 

  • LinkedIn is a perfect platform which offers you scope to show off your professional achievements at one place. Thus, when you are asked about your professional expertise, skill set, etc, you can simply share the URL of your LinkedIn profile. 
  • LinkedIn allows you to give and receive testimonials and endorsements. Thus, if you have achieved something good for your present firm, you can get an endorsement for these. Moreover, when other firms will look at your profile, they will also get to know about these achievements.
  • LinkedIn is a home to thousands of recruiters and HR professionals who are seeking new talent everyday. Thus, having a profile on LinkedIn makes your resume accessible to these recruiters. This is the biggest advantage of how to use LinkedIn for your job search.


Quick Tour Of LinkedIn

To enter LinkedIn, you can simply navigate through their website, Once you enter the website, you can create your account by clicking ‘Join Now.’ Clicking on the said button will take you to the next page where you have to enter your email id and a password. Moreover, on clicking ‘Agree and Join,’ your account would be created. Thus, creating a LinkedIn profile is as simple as creating your Facebook or Instagram account. 


Difference Between Good And Bad LinkedIn Profile

A major point to consider when you are creating a LinkedIn profile is that you should upload a professional profile picture of yours. Do not upload a casual photograph just like we do in other social media platforms. Then a good profile should contain exact information about your current designation, the place where you reside, and some relevant information about yourself, such as your graduation information. 


When it comes to the “About” section, put in brief about yourself. Talk about your qualities, skillset, and expertise. Another section is ‘Experience.’ This is the most important aspect of your LinkedIn profile. This section should have your complete professional experience in an organized manner. Remember, this is an imperative point when you are looking for how to search for jobs on LinkedIn.


Another important point of your profile should be ‘Education.’ This point should contain all information about your degrees, again, in an organized manner. Thus, a complete background of your professional and educational background gets listed here in a perfect manner. Moreover, when talking of a professional or educational experience, talk about it in detail. Do not just give high level detail. 

Licenses And Certifications

The third section in a well-developed LinkedIn profile is ‘License and Certifications,’ Mention all your acquired licenses under this section. Below that you get a section called ‘Skills and Endorsements.’ This section can have a list of all your professional and technical skills.

A Bad LinkedIn Profile

A bad LinkedIn profile is one which does not have a profile picture. Moreover, it will not have anything in the education and current experience section. In addition, a profile which does not mention anything under ‘About’ section also comes under a bad LinkedIn profile. In addition, if the profile does not contain information about other important sections, such as skills and endorsements, licenses and certifications, then also it may not be helpful for you.


Important Points To Consider When Making A LinkedIn Profile

  • Do not make a half hearted profile. Pay utmost attention to every detail while creating a LinkedIn profile. 
  • The profile should contain all the information about your professional and educational qualifications.
  • The LinkedIn profile should look professional and well built.


How To Use LinkedIn

There are three degrees of connection on LinkedIn. These are first degree, second degree, and third degree connections. If connection has ‘1st’ mentioned in front of their names in your contact list, it implies that they are your direct friends. You can directly message them. Contacts which have ‘2nd’ mentioned in front of them are friends of your direct friends. You cannot directly communicate with them. You need to send them a ‘connect’ message to communicate with them.

Moreover, in the search bar, you will get an option for ‘jobs.’ Under this section, you will get a list of all relevant jobs. You can filter these results with ‘Date posted,’ ‘features,’ ‘Company,’ etc.