How to Negotiate Salary With HR and Grab Maximum Package

Salary negotiation is a standard procedure between company and candidate. Companies intentionally offer fewer packages to the candidates. If you don't negotiate salary with the employers, you might lose the amount. In this article, we have listed four steps that will help your salary negotiation with HR.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

How to negotiate a higher salary is an essential part of job acquisition. If you don't negotiate salary, you might lose the amount to which you are entitled to. Here are useful four steps that will help you get a higher salary package from HR. 

4 Steps to guide you higher salary negotiation with HR

  1. Don't discuss salary during the Interview Process.: The right time for salary discussion is after you get selected. May times interviewer ask you about the salary expectation. You must turn down the question politely and giving a diplomatic answer. The most general answer to salary expectations would be that anything as per industry standards is acceptable to you. For making salary negotiation work, you should talk about the salary only when you receive an offer letter. When you are selected, you must speak about salary only after getting a job offer.
  2. Identify your worth: When you get a job offer from the company, you should first identify your worth in the industry. The best tools to identify your worth are and These apps will help you get an idea about the salary package offered to the job position for specified years of experience. They give results in three categories- lowest, average, and maximum. Compare your extended package and negotiate accordingly. 
  3. Identify the company’s behavior for salary negotiation: Now all the companies welcome salary negotiation. Some are very strict about the salary offered by them, and some are flexible. So when you get the job offer, and you have identified your worth. Then you must get in touch with someone you know in the company and ask them about their experience for salary negotiation. 
  4. Schedule a call with HR to discuss salary: Use these ten rules for successful salary negotiation tips-
    • Be confident when you call HR
    • Give a number to the HR 
    • Show your expertise and value
    • Give your base offer to the HR
    • Keep your option open if HR disagree
    • Don't rely on the future increment
    • Don't forget to negotiate about your perks and value-added package
    • Get all the agreement on paper with a new salary package
    • If you are being given an offer, don't make a decision on call. Ask for time. 
    • Stick to your basics of salary negotiation.