How To Get Job In IT Companies-In 6 Steps?

How to get a job in companies like Deloitte, TCS, Infosys, PwC, Wipro, Capgemini? Or if you are getting calls from these MNCs but you are not able to crack their interviews? If you are facing problems related to these then this article will give you a solution to majority of such problems.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant
When thinking about your dream job, any aspirant would think about getting a job in the top companies which have the best environment for working in every sense. So how to you get a job in big companies.

What do these companies do?

These companies solve problems of other enterprise companies and businesses by providing customized software solutions. For example, if a global eCommerce company like Amazon or Flipkart who is facing problem in managing their product listings and order management. Then Deloitte or Accenture will visit Amazon office, they will identify their project requirements and business problems and they will create software solution to solve their problem. 

So, if you join these companies, what will be your role there? If you are in the USA offices of these companies, you will be mostly gathering project requirements and business information from client and you will guide development team in India to create the software solution. If you are in Deloitte, PwC, Accenture’s India offices then you will be part of development or designing or testing team. Depending upon the seniority, you will be either a consultant, senior consultant, or Manager. 

Let’s see 6 step strategy that will help you transform your career

  1. Build Your Network: How to get a job is not less than an a thoroughly planned process. According to a survey done, more than 83% of people get job using referral. If an existing employee refer you then your chance of getting an interview call increase by 70%. The biggest mistake done while applying is applying online directly while searching for job. Do you know for companies like TCS and Accenture get approx 20000 job applications for 1 open job position . So the probability for the hiring manager to even see your resume for shortlisting is very low. 

    Here is what you need to do. You need to make a list of your target companies and then search for contacts in them. If you don't have direct contacts you can reach out to people via different means like your alumni network, linkedIn, meetup events, relevant conferences, common connections and many more. When you get in touch with company insider, learn about company and show your passion for job. If they decide to refer you, your journey will be way easier. Now the things you should keep in mind while networking

    • Never ask for referral on the first networking call
    • Show your passion for job role and company
    • Try to learn about company insights
    • Ask about the company's culture and values
    • Learn about typical day
    • Learn company’s vision and current challenges
    • Share your strengths and career goals
    • Ask for feedback on resume
    • Set up a follow up meeting
  1. Design Resume Tactically: If you are applying for 10 different job postings online then you need to customize your resume according to the job for which you are applying. No, Right? This the second biggest mistake you are doing. You know all these big companies use a software called Applicant Tracking System (ATS). So whenever you upload your resume this software matches your resume with the job position keywords. If your resume doesn’t have the keywords which are mentioned in the job description, your resume will never be shortlisted. So now lets see how you can get a job by build your resume to get through ATS.

    Resume building is a 4 step process

    1. Initiate: Build your basic resume.
    2. Modify: Then identify the main keywords of the job position you are applying for. For eg. If the job description says that they need someone with problem solving skills or leadership skills, then mention relevant keywords and examples in your resume.
    3. Feedback: Now you should take feedback from someone who is working in that company or who has worked in the same position.
    4. Deploy:Finally you have to deploy it to the job position.
  1. Strengthen Technical Acumen: Once you get the interview call, generally there are 2-3 rounds, firstly on phone and then onsite. The questions asked will vary from technical to behavioural. Technical questions will vary from position to position. For example, if you are interviewing for SAP consultant position, you should have good knowledge of SAP. If you are interviewing for Salesforce position, you will be asked Salesforce technical questions.If you are fresh out of college or with 1-2 years of experience, then you will be asked concepts of C, C++, JAVA, APEX, Visualforce or Python. You just need to know 1 or 2 skills very well so that you can show that you can learn new skills if needed.
  1. Ace Behavioral Interview: After your technical round, you will have 2-3 behavioral interviews. In this round, you will be judged on these 6 skills :
    • presentation skills, 
    • communication skills,
    • problem-solving ability, 
    • leadership skills
    • team player. 
    • Relationship building ability

    In advance you should think about couple of scenarios to prove these skills. In this round you will be asked questions like:

    • Give me an example when you displayed leadership skills.
    • Give me an example when you helped a teammate overcome a difficult situation. 
    • Tell a scenario when you built good relationship with customer.
    • Moment when you acted as a team player
    • Tell a scenario when you handled a difficult customer
    • Have you ever faced an ethically challenging scenario in your career. If yes, how did you react?
    • How would you build a relationship with your teammates and your client?
    • Give me an example when you went above and beyond to get the job done. 
    • Tell me a scenario when you addressed a large group of customers.

    For this round, you should prepare all the answers in advance. And prepare answer of these questions in STAR format. 

                             S – Situation

                             T – Task

                             A – Action

                             R – Result 

  1. Know What Others Don’t: Once you clear technical and behavioral Interview round, there will be a final interview with someone who is very senior in the company like partner, senior manager, director. In this round, nobody is going to ask you hardcore technical questions.
    • How passionate who are for the company and job
    • Do you know company insights
    • Do you know about the company's future plan
    • Are you aware of company challenges

    If you know this information then will be easier for you to crack this interview round. Next question arises is how do you find such information? For that you need to build your network. Once you have a good network, you can ask all these questions from those people. With such information you will be able to drive a very compelling and confident conversation.

  1. Show Professionalism:  Once you are done with the technical, behavioral and partner round interview, you should send a Thank you note. Always ask the interviewer for a business card or email id. You can say “Thank you so much for your time, I would love to stay in touch, can I have your business card or email id?” Make sure that within 3-4 hours, you send a personalized thank you note to all the interviewer. It shows you are a professional and you value their time. It creates huge impact on decision making. 

Following these steps will indeed give you an edge in the interview process. Of Course you will need to customize and manage these steps according to situations. In the end, be confident in yourself and give your best shot.