How To Get Job in Abroad From India in 2019-20?

Working abroad opportunity has become much sought after by the Indian youth. The reason can be high pay scale or better living conditions. So if you are looking for technical and management job opportunities in the USA, Europe and Australia, you will find 3 strategies that can be used to achieve that dream in this video and article.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

While planning job search candidates working abroad opportunity is a very good option. There are many reasons to it. A very common question that gets asked is “How much am I going to make abroad?” According to Payscale, a software engineer in California make $84,000 in one year. You can get the figure on Just enter location and job title and it will give you an approximate figure. So, for example: Software engineer in California earns approx. $83000 and if you are lucky you can also get upto $124k. So lets check out the 3 strategies that will answer the question "How to get job in abroad from India?"

3 Strategies to Work Abroad

  1. Via on-site project opportunity in your company: If you are working as a Software developer or manager in any IT Consulting or Product based firm, you can get one or more opportunities to travel abroad. But at the same time, there is a lot of competition. So, how can you beat that competition?
    • First, Working Abroad Opportunity Within Your Project: You have to identify if there are any foreign travel opportunities in your project. If there are opportunities, then you have to ensure that you make your Manager aware of your career goals. “Hey I am interested in traveling abroad and I am ready to acquire whatever skills are needed.” Once you get the list of KPIs from your manager, you should set up a recurring meeting with you Manager every 2-3 weeks. 
    • Second, build your visibility in onshore team. You on site project Manager should know who you are and how committed you are to the project. Rather than just sitting in the corner you can be proactive on the daily call. You can take ownership of deliverables, you can volunteer to be POC for urgent issues. That way, if any future opportunity strikes, you will be the first person to get called. 
    • Finally you should have your visa ready for any onsite project opportunity. The onsite opportunities are very urgent. Make sure you have visa ready. For example, for working in US you need H1B visa. Get your H1 and L1 visa done so that you are always ready.
  1. Identify opportunities outside your project and company: So most of the time we only talk with 4-5 people with whole we work daily and that way we lose a lot of opportunities. There is a famous saying, “When nothing is working do networking”. How can you do Networking? There are multiple ways:
    1. You can reach to Managers of other teams in you company. 
    2.  You can attend weekly/monthly All Hands call because during this call you will get to know all future project and hence opportunities associated with them
    3. Reach out to your friends in other companies and ask them for potential opportunities. 
    4. Create your personal brand: You shown be known in your organization and outside your organization for some specific skills and experience so that if there is any relevant opportunities, you will be called.

Strategy 1 and Strategy 2 are meant for professionals who have certain years of work experience.The next strategy is meant for both working professionals and students who have little to no experience.

  1. Get Master degree from the USA: If you are an engineer in India, it is not a bad idea to build upon skills and earn a Master's degree from the US universities. There are multiple options available. If you want to go into technical side you can go for MS in Computer Science and Master of Information System. If you are interested in techno-management or purely management jobs then you can opt for courses like Master of Engineering Management, Master of Management Studies or MBA.

    If you decide to go for Masters degree:

    1. Always try to do your Masters from a renowned college,either Ivy league schools or schools in Top 30 ranking. It will help you land your first job easily. 
    2. Job search in the US is totally different than India, it works on networking.
    3. Now, how much does it cost? Usually, courses like MS in Computer Science, Master of Engineering Management degree cost approximately Rs 40 lac and it vary from school to school. 

    It is indeed a big decision to move abroad and of course can be difficult. But with good planning and right guidance you can achieve your dream.