How To Get A Job Without Experience?- A Strategy

How to get a job without experience? If you are looking for an answer to this question, then you are on the right page. Skills are more important to get a good job, although, these days companies want to hire experienced candidates. We have curated some useful tips which can help you get a job without any experience.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

If you are thinking, How to get a job with no experience? The most important way to get a job is to look for a job that suits your skillset. When you are looking for a job, first identify your skills. Skills are the positive qualities that you use to get work done. Here is the list of qualities that are required by most Fortune 500 companies, according to industry experts.

  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Verbal communication
  • Written Communication
  • Market Research
  • Analytical Skills
  • Numeracy Skills

This list of skills is also called Functional skills or Transferable Skills. You can identify the skills that you acquired in your school and college. If you are good at all or some of the skills mentioned above, then you can land with a very good job with big companies. For identifying the skills, you can analyze your past experiences in your school or college. List them and identify them.

If you are skeptical that you don't have any of these skills, or if you wish to know as to how to get a job with no experience but a degree? We have six proved methods to gain Transferable Skills.


Six Methods to Develop Transferable Skills

  1. Use your time in college: If you are a student and studying in college, then you should plan and organize your time. You can participate in group projects or help in organizing events. These activities will help you get better transferable skills for future jobs.
  2. Offer free help to startups: Involving in a startup is a good way to understand the working of the industry. You might not earn in the process, but you get the chance to be part of some company in the makes.
  3. Work as a Freelancer: Working as a freelancer gives you working experience. You can develop transferable skills with this method.
  4. Reach out to executives and leaders on LinkedIn: Reach out to potential leaders and executives on LinkedIn and offer them your help for free. They will get in touch with you and might offer you an internship. In this way, you can get the opportunity to work in the corporate world.
  5. Public Speaking Groups: The best way to develop communication skills is to participate in public speaking groups and events.
  6. Online Courses: Online courses like Udemy and Coursera are a good platform to give you knowledge and train on particular transferable skills. You can join the courses and use the certification as credentials.