How To Get A Good Job In India- A 4 Step Modern Job Search Strategy

In this article, we have given 4 steps modern approach for a job search strategy on how to get a good job. Companies and firms want to be affirmative on the candidates that they choose for their projects. Likewise, as a job seeker, you must change your approach in searching for jobs. The traditional methods do not seem to work any longer.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

Are you looking for a new job? Your current job no longer excites you. Perhaps, you are not happy with your manager or work environment. Whatever the reason, at some point of time in life, you tend to decide, it is time to move on. Do you want to know what the 4 modern job search strategies are? Let us read about how to get the job interview tips.

  1. Identify your skills 

    The first step is to identify your skills. These skills should make you stand out from the crowd. In a sense, it is like asking yourself why you should hire me. Based on that, you should answer.

    • What is so unique about you?: You need to talk about your specialties. Avoid using generic phrases like "hard worker," self-starter," and so on. Instead, focus on the job at hand. Say something relevant to the job description that you have applied. 
    • What do you bring to the table that others do not?: The best way to answer the question is to do your homework about the company. Do not exaggerate about yourself. You need to relate your abilities to the job profile mentioned. You can talk about your proficient technical skills, functional skills, and self-management skills. 
  2. Create your personal brand 

    When you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, then you can do that with your personal brand. The best way to create your own personal brand would be to mirror your self-impression.This way, you know that the interviewer understands you in a better manner. It also helps your cause because it identifies you as an expert in the field. Having a unique personality pays rich dividends, both personally as well as professionally.

  3. Step 3: Define your dream job

    The best way you can define your dream job would be through:

    • Salary 
    • Geographic location
    • Type of work
    • Type of people
    • Experience 
    • Workplace

    You can briefly describe the kind of salary you are expecting or the salary range. The locality that you prefer. You can even shed some light on the type of work you enjoy doing and how working with the right people can be beneficial for the company. The kind of experience you plan on gaining and the workplace atmosphere is also crucial, and you can mention it in your interview. 

  4. Step 4: Apply through company insiders.

    Is applying through company insiders is useful rather than job search websites? The answer is yes. That is because it allows you to form a network, build a professional relationship, and show your passion for the job at hand. The above was 4 steps modern job search strategy that will never fail you and enable you to understand how to get a job in India.