Guide To Cognizant Interview Process For Software Developer Job,Cognizant Interview Questions, Experience And Salary

Software Developer job is one of the most demanding as well as competitive job in our country today. For each open Software Developer position, there are more than 300 applicants. In this article you will find the end to end strategy to land Software Developer job at Cognizant. In this article you will be able to find all the details needed to land a job at Cognizant-Information like Cognizant Interview Process For Software Developer Job,Cognizant Interview Questions, Experience And Salary.

Aditya Sharma Career Expert & Co-Founder HiCounselor

Founded by Mr. Kumar Mahadeva, Cognizant is multi-national company with its headquarters in New Jersey, United States. 

  • Primarily, Cognizant Provides IT Services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services. 
  • Company has more than 288,200 employees globally, of which over 150,000 are in India across 10 locations including Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata,[82] Mangalore, Mumbai, and Pune.
  • In 2019, it was on 193 rank on Fortune 500

Who Can Apply?

  • BE/ BCA, MCA and MSc in CSE or IT.
  • First class (60%) in 10th , 12th & UG (Full time/Regular courses).
  • No standing arrears in current education.

Where to find position Developer position at Cognizant?

  • For Under-Grad Students (B.E., B.Tech and BCA)

  • For Masters Level Students (M.Tech and MCA)

Job Titles at Cognizant

While applying we come across the problem of selecting the correct job titles according to our qualifications. 

  • Programmer Trainee (Very Junior Role for people with BCA and MCA degree)

For Degree person like BE, B.Tech and M.Tech 

  • Programmer Analyst Trainee (3-3.5 lac)

  • Associate (5-6 Lac)

  • Senior Associate

  • - Manager

  • Sr. Manager

  • Associate Director

  • Director



According to Glassdoor, 

  • Programmer Analyst Trainee (?3.5 LPA to ?4.5 LPA)
  • Programmer Analyst (?410,970/yr)
  • Associate (?6.5 LPA to ?7.5 LPA)

According to Payscale average salary of an entry level software developer at Cognizant is 3.75 Lac


Vertical Name

Vertical name refers to the names of the departments. Now there are sub divisions for different industry and it varies from company to company. It is good to know information about the department in the company for which you are applying.

  • For Testing, it is called QE&A (Quality Engineering and Assurance)
  • Most software development work comes under Digital Systems and Technology Division. Before going to an interview, just take a look at different sub division like Enterprise Application Services


How to Apply?

For Freshers, there are 3 ways to apply for entry level Software Developer position.

    1. Referral and Networking
    2. Pool Drive
      • Minimum 60% required for students to participate.
      • A total of 60 percent in Class X, XII and B.Tech
      • No backlogs
      • Education gap of upto 1 year.
      • Also they have divided colleges in certain Tier. There are different percentage criteria for different colleges.
    3. AMCAT: Syllabus of AMCAT can be found at


Cognizant Interview Process For Software Developer Job

  1. Round 1 Written Exam
    1. Quantitative Aptitude
    2. Logical Reasoning
    3. Verbal Ability
    4. Coding or Automata Fix
      • Logical Error Correction
      • Syntax Reuse
      • Syntax Correction


  1.  Round 2 Technical Round (Face to face interview)
    1. Technical questions
      1. If candidate has CS or IT background, you will be asked questions on:
        • Data Structure and Algorithms: You will be given simple problems to write code using pen and paper.
        • Questions on Framework
        •  Basic concepts of JAVA and C++
        • Basic knowledge of SQL is also important
      2. If candidate is from ECE, Mech or other branches, technical questions asked are basic OOPS Concepts. 6 most important topics are:
        • Object
        • Class
        •  Encapsulation
        • Polymorphism
        • Extraction
        • Inheritance
      3. Check Communication skills, confidence and problem solving ability
        • Solve puzzle
        • Practice problem solving questions
      4. Ask about final year project
      5. Internship experience
      6. Candidate should know everything written in their resume
      7. Candidate should have good hold off 2-3 subjects from undergrad

    Finally interviewer give candidate points on 5 criteria

    • Coding skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Logical Ability
    • Self Motivation
    • Quick Learning Ability

    10-15 example Coding Questions asked in Cognizant entry level Software Developer interview

    1. Write a SQL query to get the second highest value from a column.
    2. Write a SQL code to select something from a table
    3. Write a c code for string reversal
    4. How do you reverse a linked list and how do you find if the linked list has a loop in it? Write a pseudo code for the same.
    5. Write code to compare two images.
    6. Write code to compare two arrays. 
    7. Write a Program to print pyramid pattern.
    8. How to print a string then enter spaces between a string?
    9. Write program of Fibonacci series.
    10. Write a code to check prime number without using mod.
    11. Write code for linear and binary search.


    10-15 Theoretical questions asked in Cognizant entry level Software Developer interview 

    1. Explain Heap sorting.
    2. What are the different forms of DBMS?
    3. Difference between analog and digital.
    4. How does the internet work?
    5. Explain wifi and bluetooth operations.
    6. What is time complexity in sorting algorithms?
    7. Explain about protocols TCP,UDP,IP.
    8. What is serialization?
    9. Difference between c++ and java.
    10. What is the difference between data and metadata? Give example.
    11. if i type character 'A' in text file and save it, what will be the size of the file?
    12. What is Normalization?


  1. Round 3 HR Interview (Face to Face Interview)
    • General HR query
    • Salary
    • Location Preference
    • If candidate has any blocker or concerns
    • Sometimes they don’t take HR if your Technical is very good

    Few questions asked in HR round:

    1. What is more important for you now: Work or Money ??
    2. What is the most challenging thing you faced in a group project? 
    3. Where do you see yourself in five years?
    4. What do you know about our company? 
    5. Why do you think you would fit into our organization and what makes you feel you are the best choice for this position?
    6. What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
    7. What will you do if one of your team members asks for leave at the crucial phase? 
    8. Can you share your most memorable day?

Finally, a combination of all three rounds are taken and a decision is made.


Post interview Steps

 Once you have been selected and given a joining date it is followed by a training period of 1-1.5 months.

  • Basic grooming
  • Technical teaching – both development and testing according to project or vertical

Post training, there are 3 attempts to clear their exams. They never ask students which fields they want to go. Candidates are assigned to different teams and roles based on that moment’s project requirements. For eg few go to .Net Developer , Few go in JAVA, few in testing.You can also change your team or role inside Cognizant. For example, if you started as a Software Developer but later you can switch to the Tester role.


What if someone doesn’t get into IT company right after college?

 With the cut throat competition there are times that we can miss the opportunity due to any reason. There is no need to fret over a rejection a lot. The best course of action in such case is to gain certain skills in development and testing, then participate in open drive, or try again by referral