How To Negotiate Higher Salary In 2019-20 ! - In 8 Steps!

Once you have given successful interview and have been selected for the job. You must consider the salary package you are being offered. There is always scope of negotiating salary with the company HR. Here are some very useful tips which you should consider before starting the salary negotiation.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

Salary negotiation is an essential process for any job selection procedure. Many times companies offer a little less amount than expected so that they can increase the Salary in case of negotiation. We are sharing here some useful and essential tips that will help you in the salary negotiation process.

  1. Recognize your capabilities

    You should never work for an organization for less Salary than industry standards. You should understand your skills and assess your value in the company accordingly. For higher salary negotiation, you should be able to understand your skillset and negotiate accordingly.

  2. Conversation with the recruiters

    If you are already working in a company and you are not happy with the salary amount. You can contact the recruiters in other companies and understand the Salary they offer in their respective companies for similar positions. Even a range of Salary can help you with the decision. Do not negotiate with your company HR unless you have a figure in your mind.

  3. Organize and practice your negotiation

    Before discussing your Salary with the company HR, you must organize facts and practice the negotiation points. You should not discuss the matter with the company unless you have facts with you about the Salary standards in the market. Make a list of the things you want to talk with the HR so that you ca negotiate Salary with confidence.

  4. Know exact number you want as Salary

    As per researchers, you should be very precise with your salary demands. Using an exact salary figure will create an impression on employers that you have done intense research on the matter, and they take you seriously.

  5. Make sure you are ready

    Before planning for a salary negotiation with your company, you must assess some essential points about your job. You must be able to answer yes to all these three questions- have you competed at least one year with the company? Have you been assigned new responsibilities after joining? And are performing as per the company expectation?If you can answer positively to all these three questions, then you are ready for higher salary negotiation.

  6. Make a list of your accomplishments

    Before you start negotiating, you must list down your achievements on paper. This will help you to give an upper hand in the negotiation process. Write down your successful projects, awards, and roles and responsibility for which you have been recognized for. You can also list down the useful skills that you can do in the company in the future.

  7. Rehearse the negotiation process

    Practice makes you perfect. Rehearse the negotiation wit your friends and in front of the mirror. It will give you confidence. By rehearsing the negotiation with your friends, you will gain confidence and might note some crucial points for preparation.

  8. Set your meeting with the HR in midweek

    Psychologically, the start of the week is very stressful and must be used for such meetings. In mid-week, people are generally relaxed and in a good mood. In the mid-week, like Thursday and Friday, you can initiate the negotiation with the company as people are comfortable to hear your concerns