5 Mistakes to avoid in your new job!

Joining new office and job can be very stressful for some people. It is very important that you take care of your behavior when you join a new office. There are certain pointers listed in this article which will tell you what to do in new job first 90 day and new job mistakes to avoid to help create a good first impression in the office.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

Joining a new job and meeting new people can be very difficult. There are inevitable mistakes people make at their new positions. We have listed these mistakes, and you should avoid them to maintain your image in the new company and create a good impression among your peers.

  1. To talk about the last Job or company

    It is not professional to discuss your previous employers or jobs with your colleagues or manager. You should talk about your last position unless you are asked. Some professional etiquette prevents you from talking about the previous company and employers in which you were working. The only essential part is that your talking about your last Job is irrelevant to the current company, and your current employers must not want to listen to your previous companies.

  2. Don't be too quiet or don't be too talkative

    In the Job, you get to meet new people, new surroundings and a new work environment. This can be difficult to adapt also. In such situations, you should be able to adjust and accept your work culture. We recommend that you should not be too introverted or extroverted in the Job. Try to understand and identify people. Talk only when you are needed and when you are asked for it. With the maintenance of proper decorum in the new Job, you can gain better friends and build an image for yourself.

  3. Respect Office Rules

    Every office has strict rules, and they want their employees to adhere to these rules. When you join fresh to the company, understand their culture, and respect their rules and regulations. If they have rules about the socializing or dress code. Try to adhere to the standards and make your impression in the office and among your seniors.

  4. Do not take the responsibilities; you cannot handle

    With new jobs, many employees take too many responsibilities in the office to impress their managers or seniors. However, you should not take additional responsibilities, which you cannot handle. Try to ease yourself in the office and understand your position in the company. If you take too much workload in the office initially, you will have to maintain the image likewise in the future. This can be very stressful.

  5. Accept the invitations you get from the office

    When you have joined your new office, and if you get an invitation from your co-worker or colleague for a party or coffee, you must accept it. Declining the invitation might show that you are not interested in the new Job. It is a good idea to join e[the people in the party or over coffee, as you get to know people in your office and you can be part of them easily.

These listed five mistakes seem very small but create a huge difference in daily work life. If you avoid them and manage the situation smartly, you can be a part of the new office. Make new friends and make your workplace friendly so that most of the workday you can enjoy.