3 Most Important Interview Questions

The article talks about the three most important interview questions which are asked during any job interview. If you know the answers to these important interview questions, you can easily get any kind of job. Thus, it is imperative for any job seeker to know about the tips and tricks to answer these commonly asked questions in an interview.

Aditya Sharma Co-Founder HiCounselor, Ex-Deloitte, PwC Tech Consultant

Clearing a job interview is crucial for any job seeker to get that dream role in an esteemed organization. Well, every kind of job interview has some common questions. As a candidate, we all are aware of these questions but many times we make mistakes while answering these. These three questions are ‘What are your strengths?’, ‘What are your weaknesses?’ and ‘what are short term and long term goals?’ Well, let us talk in detail about how to give correct answers to these most important interview questions and land that dream job of ours. 

  1. What Are Your Strengths?: When an interviewer asks you this question, he just wants to know whether you acquire the skill set required to perform the said responsibility or not. Moreover, he is not concerned about any other skill which is not related to the said job profile. Thus, you need to strategically design the answer to this question. You need to give a look to the job description and list down the skills which are important for the said job. These skills will form the answer to this important interview question.For example, if there is a job description of ‘Business Analyst’ position at amazon, you can find the relevant answers to the most important interview questions within the description only. Now, when you are asked about your strengths, you can frame the answer to the question by scrolling to the section ‘Basic Qualifications.’ This said section will list down the important skills required for the job position. You just need to pull out relevant keywords mentioned in the job description and frame your answer.
  2. What Is Your Biggest Weakness?: When an interviewer asks this question, his only motive is to find out whether there is anything which can prevent you from performing the said job responsibilities. However, the answer to this question is not that you do not have any weakness. The reason is that there is no one in the world who does not have any weakness. However, the catch here is to show your weakness as your strength. Well, one perfect answer to this question can be that ‘I sometimes give too much priority to my work that I even compromise on my health.’
  3. What Are Your Short Term And Long Term Goals?: Whenever the interviewer asks a question, there is an intention behind it. Now the intention behind asking this question is whether your future goals are compatible with the opportunities available in the company or not. Thus, always give an answer that you want to grow in the company only. Telling the interviewer that you want to leave the job in the near future and join your family business may be a very negative answer.

             Short term goals imply 5 years and long term goals refer to 10 years. The perfect answer to this question can be ‘In my short term, I want to learn from my peers and grow in company hierarchy. In 2 to 3 years, I want to see myself as a Senior Business Analyst and in next 5 years, I would like to see myself as a Project Manager, handling the entire projects. In the long term, 8 to 10 years down the line, I would like to see myself on the position of the Senior Director or CEO of the firm.