Led by a current data scientist at Uber (previously at Retina AI and PlutoTV), AccelerateML is a hands-on accelerated data science and machine learning program in Los Angeles, no matter what your background is in. Admission closed for the Fall 2019 cohort. Currently taking applications for the February 2020 cohort!

Course Duration:- 72 Hours     Course Price:- $895
Mike Yung Data Scientist

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At AcceleratedML, the mission is simple: to accelerate your learning in data science and machine learning, from the perspective of someone who successfully made the transition from the non/semi-technical world. It is a 12-week part-time program in data science and machine learning. The program will cover Python & statistics fundamentals, various supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, and in the final quarter, we will cap it off with a hackathon and work on your Capstone Project to build out your DS portfolio.