Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started as a Job Seeker?

How to use HiCounselor platform:

Sign up as a job seeker:

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I've signed up on the platform. What do I do next?

Take a look around and browse our list of Counselors who are already working for your dream company. You can also search by position, company, industry or service. If you find a Counselor you wish to connect with, simply book an email or a phone appointment. If the search didn't return any result, you will be prompted to enter your email address which the HiCounselor team will use to notify you when a counselor that may be able to help you, joins the platform.

What can I expect from an appointment?

Each appointment can either be a 30-minute phone conversation or an opportunity to ask up to 5 questions. A very important fact to remember is that Counselors do not officially represent their companies, they function as independent career advisors in their free time. It's up to you what questions you ask and how the discussion goes, but here are some of the more typical use cases we've seen:

  • Opportunity to earn an employee referral.An engagement is NOT a guarantee of an employee referral. Instead, it's an opportunity to prove to your Counselor that you'll be a great fit for the company, add value to the team and company, and deserve an employee referral that can increase your chances of getting hired!
  • Resume critique. Ask for Counselor's suggestion to optimize your resume for a specific position or company. Stand out and outsmart the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that is used by employers to source candidates.
  • Access to unlisted jobs. 70-80% of the available jobs are unlisted and behind the company's firewall. That means our Counselors are aware of many more opportunities than you're seeing on job boards or public sources.
  • Personalized interview advice. Every Counselor has been in your shoes before, making them the best person to help you successfully navigate that company's unique hiring process and increase your chances exponentially.
  • Role-related knowledge. Speak with someone who truly understands the role you're looking for, the skills and experience the company needs, and what it takes to succeed (and be happy) in that role .
  • Other services. Mock interviews & informational interviews. Your counselor may offer packages that include several sessions allowing you to get coached on different part of your job application.

How are Counselors' rates determined?

Counselors set their own rate. The price per engagement includes the 30-minute phone conversation, as well as the time the Counselor spends preparing for an engagement (reviewing resumes, answering your questions, etc.) and providing detailed, personalized feedback after the engagement concludes.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards. If your engagement doesn't happen or if you're unsatisfied with your engagement, please send a refund request by email within 48 hours of the consultation to with an explanation detailing the reasons for your dissatisfaction. If the request is valid, HiCounselor will refund you within 30 days.

Will companies know I was referred through HiCounselor?

No, your profile is unsearchable by companies, recruiters, and other users. Only the Counselors that you book with can view your profile.